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ASIN Packer


ASIN Packer is the premier Amazon FBA shipping and packing solution. Packing, tracking, and sending a shipment is no longer as simple as it used to be with Amazon’s new FBA shipping regulations. Every product in every box now has to be accounted for. Our Software can save hours of your time every month. ASIN Packer will download all working shipment data into our mobile app. Simply choose your shipment and then create a box. You can then search for your product by size, weight, title, or UPC. Our app enables the user to see a thumbnail view or a list view to easily identify your products. Once a product is found click on it, add the units, and you are done. Products requiring preparation by Amazon are highlighted in blue, so that the user is made aware. Once a product reaches 0 quantity it becomes highlighted in red, so that packing the remaining products becomes easier to identify.
When all boxes are packed, click submit, and log into our website. You will be able to download a pack list to upload to Amazon Seller Central or print out QR codes to adhere to the boxes. All data for your shipment is securely saved on our servers for future reference.